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Yaymaker Host Salli Van Druten Pretoria located in Pretoria, South Africa

Salli Van Druten Pretoria


  • Hosting since August 2015
  • 137 events hosted

During my training as a Graphic Artist and throughout my work in advertising and design, colour has played a very important role in my work.  Colour is everywhere. We’re surrounded by it, we can’t avoid it and I find my inspiration can come from anywhere. Each painting I create is an experiment of different colour schemes. Colour is fundamental to our sense of self  and has also been at the heart of human culture.

My favourite colour is red - when it comes to wine, of course, and when I #DrinkCreatively magic happens!

Upcoming events with Salli Van Druten Pretoria

  • virtual

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Paint Nite: Seasons II

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