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Plant Nite®:
let's pot it
like it's hot

Get ready to plant, sip and leaf your worries behind.

what is
Plant Nite?

Plant Nite is where it’s at for anyone wanting to get their hands dirty, whether you’re planning a date night or ways to get the kids to chill the F out.

Depending on what you go for, you could be filling and decorating a succulent terrarium, wine bottle or creating a Zen garden.

Think of it as Paint Nite with plants. It’s a totally non-serious activity that gets you up and about while enjoying a few beverages and time with your peeps.

who are our
plant making
classes for?

The beauty of Plant Nite is it’s for absolutely everyone. You don’t need to be detail-orientated, you don’t need to be creative…you don’t even need a green thumb! Just come as you are and bring your buds.

  • in-person events

    in-person events

    We'll meet in a local restaurant or bar, where we'll have our own space and server so you can just hang out and plant the night away.

    Your host will take you through planting 101 and share decorative accessories to make it your own. Also important: they'll tell you how to keep it alive!

    Top tip: Arrive 15 mins or so early to find a seat and get your first round.

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  • virtual events

    virtual events

    Get all the supplies to make a terrarium delivered to your door. On the day of the event, just hop on our Zoom link and join us for the same jokes and advice you’d get at an in-person event.

    Top tip: You’ll still want those drinks and snacks, so remember to prep them beforehand.

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Most events last around two hours, but you can stay at the venue for as long as they’ll have you!
  • The experience
  • Help from our pros
  • Supplies, including potting soil, a terrarium, plants etc. (virtual events may vary)
  • Lifelong memories!
DIY terrariums aren’t just a ton of fun—they come with other bennies, too, such as reducing stress and anxiety. Plus, they look great!
Yes! Just speak to an Event Owner or drop a message to groups@yaymaker.com to find local artists near you. We also do a variety of plant parties for corporate events!