Corporate Events

From Silicon Valley to our Boston backyard and beyond, companies across the globe call us for memorable events. Forget boring icebreakers and get to know who your coworkers really are.


  • Easy to plan

    Our dedicated team of Event Coordinators has planned thousands of events all over the country. We’re well-established and experienced in creating unforgettable team-building events, sales kick-offs, client parties, and more.

  • There’s plenty to choose from and talk about

    Painting, planting, candle making, and more. We offer a bunch of different events, and they all get people talking, laughing and connecting. You might even learn something new about someone you’ve known for years. Like who knew that Michael from accounting had a knack for candle making?

  • Creativity can boost productivity. Really.

    No matter what you do, you’re in the business of people. Getting creative has social, health, and business benefits. Yaymaker events give your team the confidence to create and adapt--at our events, there’s usually a whoops, but never a mistake. Increase engagement, teamwork, productivity, and boost moods.

Customer success stories

  • Our group loved the event and we will continue to book events with you moving forward!

  • Our event was so much FUN. The host was patient and very interactive with all the participants. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. This is such a great team building event.

  • My event planner made the process of organizing the event with my team so easy. She was incredibly responsive, professional and friendly.

  • This was such an amazing experience for our office—it was refreshing to take a break from the daily grind to unleash our creativity and use a different part of our brain!