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Explore our wide range of interactive creative experiences. All events are customizable, so you can make them your own.

Paint Nite

Discover the original paint party, and receive step-by-step instructions for your favorite Paint Nite painting in real-time. 

You'll learn to paint  from the background to the foreground and finish with detail work. Your Yaymaker host breaks down the steps and makes it so easy, you'll be able to end the event with a true masterpiece!

Pick from hundreds of customizable designs, enhance with add-ons, and opt for door-to-door supplies.


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Plant Nite

Yaymaker’s Plant Nite is an event like no other, where we’ll build your terrarium and incorporate team bonding activities!

Connect with friends, family or colleagues, while curating a living plant display, with optional add-ons, seasonal planters and the choice to have supplies delivered how can you go wrong?

From virtual team-building to celebrations, our plant parties are perfect for all occasions.


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Create a Ukulele

Aloha! Have your very own Create a Ukulele party, and learn to make, create and tune your very own instrument.

From building and painting your ukulele, to learning how to string your instrument, our hosts will show all the steps.

Add on additional playing time and learn a song with your group, so you can create an experience you’ll never forget.


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Wreath Making

Create a seasonally friendly wreath, perfect for your front  door or decoration in your  home. 


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Candle Maker

Get ready to mix, pour, and decorate your own soy candles with our scent-sational Candle Maker experience.

From scent combinations to decor, your host will explain all the steps while sharing top-tips so you can feel inspired and get creative with your ideas.

Whether you’re catching up with family or planning a virtual corporate event, making homemade candles is fun for every occasion & a skill you can add to your long list of amazing talents!


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Soap Making

Soap making is relaxing and fun. During our virtual soap making workshops, your team members and guests can unwind and connect as they make quality bars of soap with a creative spin!

You'll start the class off with a bit of team bonding, move into the class instructions and then go through the steps of melting soap, mixing scents and colors, pouring into molds and creating your soap creations.


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Pick from our of our customizable ceramic options and host  a fun, creative and unique-to-you experience. 

Create a candy bowl for halloween, a patriotic decorative star for your home or a a planter pot painted to perfection. 

No kiln needed, just our ceramic materials box and your creativity!


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Chunky Blanket

Learn how to hand knit the chunky blanket of your dreams with step-by-step guidance from a live Yaymaker host.

This experience is great for all, whether you’re planning a virtual company event or a day with your squad. Who wouldn’t want a handmade blanket for their couch? Also, great for gifting!

Chunky knitting in itself is pretty cool, but we also have a range of add-ons and a package with supplies included!


From $19/person • Duration 2h

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Things to Know

How do I book a virtual private or corporate event?

To book a virtual private or corporate event, please complete an inquiry form or email groups@yaymaker.com with your event details.

A member of our Private Events Team will then reach out to answer any of your questions and start planning.

Please note that the minimum event fee is for 15 people—even if fewer attend.

My event includes materials. How will I receive them?

Our Private Events Team will work with you to coordinate getting materials to every attendee.

Address collection

We’ll provide a secure link for you to enter your group’s details, as well as a sharable link for guests to enter their addresses themselves.

Addresses are required 12 business days before your event.

Domestic shipping

UPS Ground shipping comes free with events that have materials.

International shipping

Please inquire to see if shipping is available in your area and how much it will cost.

Expedited shipping

For $15pp, we will send your materials via UPS 3 Day Select®.

Addresses are required four business days before your event.

How do I join my virtual event?

We can host events on the video platform of your choice. Otherwise, we will meet over Zoom.
Within a few days of your event, we’ll provide a secure Zoom link for you to share with your guests.

What payment methods do you take?

Payment for all virtual private and corporate events can go on the credit card of your choice or through a purchase order.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits are fully refundable for 48 hours. After that they may be transferred to another event to take place within 180 days.