Bachelorette parties. Birthday parties for the youngins and not so young. Family reunions. Or just because. If you have a group of people and a reason to celebrate, we’ll help make your yay.


  • We’ve done this before. A lot.

    After throwing thousands of events, we know what it takes to bring the yay. You’ll work directly with an experienced planner to make the event your own.

  • Every party is a blank canvas.

    This is your event, and no other event is like it. You choose your project, then pick the venue and we’ll show up with the goods after locking down your spot.

  • Make memories. And something cool.

    Most of us are on the same page. Experiences > stuff. But our Private Events don’t make you choose. They give you an awesome experience with something to remember it by—something you create yourself! Every time you look at that painting on your wall, you’ll see your friends laughing, drinking and promising to do this again.