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About Us

Nice to meet you.

Hi, we’re PaintNite.com. We were born as Paint Nite, holding our first event in a Boston bar during a blackout in 2012. At that event, we realized something special happens when people drop their guard, gather up their moxie, and try their hand at something new. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were on to something. By partnering with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs and artists, we’ve hosted more than 300,000 events in more than 1,400 cities all across North America. Our creative ideas just kept flowing, until we realized it was time for a name that was big enough for all of them.

More yays to love.

Now, PaintNite.com is here to give you more ways to find your yay. We offer locally hosted events where you’ll laugh, drink, connect, and try your hand at something new—a new restaurant to visit, a new group of people to hang with, and always a chance to make a new creation. Our one-of-a-kind experiences include the Original Paint Nite, Plant Nite, Design a Sign, Flower Workshop, Candle Maker, and our Innovation Lab, and there’s more on the way! Grab your friends to paint, plant, tinker, and build—and give your week something to shout about.

There’s a PaintNite.com for you! Find your Yay.

Private Events

If you want to own your nite, we offer Private Events for Corporate parties, bachelorettes, birthdays, and other bashes. Plan a Private Event to get connected.

Join the Team

We’re always on the lookout for new artists and entrepreneurs. If you’re ready to own your own small business and your destiny, let’s talk. Or, if you’re a talented artist or maker who wants to share your skill with a room full of new friends, we can make that happen. Join the team to get in touch and start the conversation.