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Crooked Rooster Brewery

About this venue

Several years ago, I bought my husband a home brewing kit. As a lover of good craft beer, he was excited to experiment with his own ideas. Since his first trial run, he's produced many different flavors of stouts, ales, some IPA's as well as some good wines. This has created a bunch of very happy friends, family and neighbors.

One cold January day during a brew session some friends suggested we embark on a community brewery for our rural area. As the authorities frown on beer sold without the proper licensing and selling from the piney woods is not a viable option we have started this journey.

We are now bringing our own craft beer, wine & cider to our community. You'll find us to be very family friendly and pro business.

Anyone that knows us will recognize that we have always been active in the community. Honoring that connection between strong communities and good business the brewery has a philanthropic giving component named "Sharing The Goodness" where you can lend a hand with donations or time.

Sharing The Goodness embraces our responsibility to be a leading business citizen and the opportunity to create more resilient, sustainable community through our operations and actions. A percentage of our profits will be donated annually. Watch for our updates as we continue to build upon the dream.

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