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Paint, sip & more atEven Stevens Downtown Salt Lake City

414 East 200 South, Salt Lake City UT 84111

About Us

Salt Lake City is our hometown. It’s where we came into the world and came into ourselves. Where founders swung hammers and friends pitched in. It makes sense, Salt Lake is a place where family values are a big deal. We’re loyal to lots of soil, but Even Stevens No. 1 will always be the oldest dirt on our shoes.

SLC. 801. Everyone talks about the mountains. There are sea gulls. It snows. Most of our founding team grew up in the surrounding suburbs, but soon found their calling in the streets of downtown. It’s where things were happening, after all. Food, commerce, college, nightlife. Festivals. Concerts. Local businesses rising. Even our dadly founder Steve Down saw the opportunity.

So, he snagged the perfect place to set up shop: right next door to a 7- Eleven in what was previously a chain Auto Parts store. (Pretty hip, eh?)

And we built a restaurant with our friends. When we hired a design team out of Boise to help with the floorplan, we became friends with them, too. The local Bicycle Collective fashioned chandeliers out of old tire frames. Our founder’s son Trev put cards in the spokes. Lumber from the old drop ceiling turned into tables. Our builders peeled back the tile ceiling to reveal a tall barrel ceiling and, like modern Michangelos, laid hundreds of reclaimed wood slats across it’s bones. Local artist Trent Call hand painted signs and threw a mural on the wall, too. Come by sometime and say hello to it.

We opened on June 24, 2014 and the rest is history unfolding.

Check out their website: https://evenstevens.com/places/utah-locations/downtown-slc/

Check their menu: https://evenstevens.com/menu/

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Location414 East 200 South, Salt Lake City UT 84111