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Paint, sip & more atGoogans Galley ESSEX

Googans Galley , ESSEX, MA | Yaymaker

About Us

Googans Galley is a new vibrant, marsh-side cafe in the quaint town of Essex.  The shop is located right in the middle of town and is the perfect location for community gatherings and a stop off for take out food and provisions.  With counter seating and enough space to host small events, Googans is looking to bring some small group events to the shop after hours (night events).  There's not many places for people to get together and partake in some arts and crafts outside of the local bars and restaurants.  The atmosphere is bright and we can offer coffee and treats alongside any activity.  Looking for a host to come and join us for some fun evenings!

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Location1 MARTIN ST, ESSEX MA 01929

   Handicap Accessible   Family Friendly   Parking