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Paint, sip & more atMullins - Bay Street Toronto

1033 Bay St, Toronto ON M4W 1A7

About Us

Mullins is not your average Irish pub, it’s more. Reffered to by many of our patrons as their second “living room”, Mullins is place for friends to get together for good conversation and good times.

It all started

Founded in 2001, Mullins has built up a strong following of regulars – and it’s not a surprise. From the moment you walk in the door you are treated as a friend, a member of the Mullins family. Find out more about the pub here, and then come visit us to enjoy the experience for yourself!

How all began

Pub is the shortened term for the title “Public House.” In the original seven Celtic Nations, homes were small, one room buildings with sleeping areas on lofts above the cooking, eating, and living areas. It soon became evident that a place was needed for people to gather and Ceilidh (Gaelic for celebrate, or party) and to talk about the things that affected their day-to-day lives, from their work, to religion, to the latest orders of “The Crown.” These meeting locations were slightly larger buildings with a “Public” area in front of the living quarters or “House.” These were usually the quarters of the men who brewed beer, mead, or distilled whiskeys. Later, as licensing became the law, these locations became licensed premises for the sale of alcoholic beverages, and the person who held the license became known as a “Publican.”

Mullins as the modern pub

The heart and soul of the Celtic lifestyle is hospitality. Combine the hospitality of owner Ken Kim, the outgoing staff, the warm and friendly regular patrons, with great food and a diverse liquor selection, and you have a great Irish pub carrying on the essence of the original public house traditions..

Find us

Location1033 Bay St, Toronto ON M4W 1A7

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