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Paint, sip & more atRomero Distilling Calgary

688 Heritage Drive SE, Suite 300, Calgary AB T2H 1M6

About Us

Romero Distilling Company continues to tell the story and the tradition of rum making in Alberta as the first local premier craft distiller specializing in rum. As adventurous and bold as the notorious outlaws who preceded us, our premium rums are legends in their own right and time.  We are committed to using top-quality Canadian made products including our distilling equipment and our main ingredients, molasses and glacier fed water that originates on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies.

For food Romero offeres a variety of cold platters, if guests would rather enjoy a hot meal, feel free to have your food delivered to Romero. 



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Location688 Heritage Drive SE, Suite 300, Calgary AB T2H 1M6

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