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Paint, sip & more atShillelagh Tavern Long Island City

47-22 30th Ave, Long Island City NY 11103

About Us

The Shillelagh Tavern of today prides itself on being a traditional Irish pub with a flare for sports and music. With a total of 10 HD TV's and a revamped drink menu we have you covered for all the top sporting events, with recent ads of EPL and MLS games. Head into the back room and enjoy live music for some of the best local and traveling bands almost every night of the week. Check out the Calendar of Events (https://www.shillelaghtavern.com/calendar) to see what's happening next time you stop by.

We have been told the origins of The Shillelagh Tavern date back to 1925, which would make it the oldest bar in Astoria with the same name. We have been making weekly trips to the library and combing through public records with the hopes of finding more information about the original owners. If you have any photos or information drop us a line as we'd love to pay homage to the history of the building, neighborhood and previous owners & patrons.

We look forward to seeing you at The Shillelagh Tavern.

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Location47-22 30th Ave, Long Island City NY 11103

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