Painting for Pugs

Fundraiser by Anne Nielsen

Purchase a Paint Nite ticket with my fundraiser code and $15 of your full ticket price will be donated to MN Midwest Pug Rescue

About this campaign

Have fun and support Pugs in rescue! MN Midwest Pug Rescue receives $15 for every ticket purchased. Simply purchase tickets, then pick a Paint Nite event near you to redeem your code! These events are held at various bar and grills so you are able to order drinks and food while you paint! Caution: These events are addictive. We are not responsible for unleashing your inner artist! Disclaimer: No pugs were harmed in making this picture. I cannot say the same for the trim being painted.

About Paint Nite

We hold lively social events at the most popular bars in your neighborhood. You’ll hang out, you’ll drink, but you’ll do something else, too. You’ll get creative, because we put blank canvases, bright paint, and a guiding artist in the mix to give you an even better reason to leave the house.

*As a reminder, you must be of legal drinking age to attend a public Paint Nite event.

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