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Work with local Event Owners and watch your customer base grow as you become PaintNite.com’s next hotspot! You provide the space, and they’ll bring new guests—all hungry for creativity and whatever’s on your menu.

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benefits of partnering with PaintNite.com
It costs $0 to host a PaintNite.com event.
Drive more food and drink sales.
89% of our guests are new to your venue.
We're in 5,000+ restaurants and bars across North America.

how it works

A semi-private space that comfortably seats 30+ people.

A dedicated server to take food and drink orders.

A four-hour window for us to set up, run the event and clean.

Event promotion to bring additional customers to your events.

“What makes us a great fit for each other is we share a common interest in being a different experience. And when you bring it together, it's like peanut butter and jelly. It's just a great fit.”

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Who’s in charge of putting on the event?


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Will I always work with the same host?


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Say goodbye to slow days. With PaintNite.com, you’ll see increased website traffic, business growth and new customers. The best part? It costs you nothing!

Add PaintNite.com to your marketing strategy and connect with local Event Owners on our platform.

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