Paint Nite America the Beautiful Painting

A Salute to Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, America! Cheers to 241 years!

You’re the land of the free. The home of the brave. A haven of possibility. You’ve given us so much over the years, so we thought a small creative tribute was in order. We rounded up a few of our favorite patriotic Paint Nite and Plant Nite projects (say that 1776 times fast!)—it’s our creative way of saying “thank you for everything, America!”

Let’s check them out.

Our Paint Nite picks:

America the Beautiful by Shannon Chiba

Paint Nite America the Beautiful Painting

America flaunts its true colors in this scenic landscape: Dawn’s early light certainly goes great with red, white, and blue skies.

Star Spangled II by Deja Saunders

Paint Nite Star Spangled II Painting

It’s a new look for Old Glory, but she still looks as good as ever. Somewhere, eight stripes and 42 stars are feeling a little left out.

American Flag in Flowers by Shannon Chiba

Paint Nite American Flag in Flowers Painting

When you put a patriotic flower arrangement painting on the wall, you create a truly American “hanging garden” for your houseguests to envy.

Our Plant Nite picks:

Patriotic Painted Succulents

Plant Nite Patriotic Painted Succulents in Chalkboard Planter

Green has never looked so red, white, and blue! As you can tell, patriotic paint goes great on succulents, too.

Gnome the USA

Plant Nite Gnome The USA Rose Bowl Succulent Terrarium

What’s better than one American flag? Yup, two American flags. This little guy is one proud gnome.

Americana Drawer

Plant Nite Americana Drawer Planter

This succulent arrangement rocks! Just make sure you handle it with care. Ok, that’s enough puns for one day.


Look out for these projects in your neighborhood at Paint Nite or Plant Nite, but hurry, like the holiday, they won’t be around long!

Otherwise, enjoy your independence and have a happy 4th of July, America!

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