The COVID-19 pandemic has upended almost all industries, but the events industry, in particular, has experienced truly devastating losses. In fact, a concert trade publication reported that the live events industry lost over $30 billion last year due to cancellations and postponements.

Thankfully, they are now starting to re-emerge as the world adapts to life in a pandemic. However, many businesses and event planners still find it challenging to gain the turnout they received before.

But it’s not just in-person events that are having difficulties—virtual events are experiencing challenges too. After months and months of video calls, people can be reluctant to jump on another—especially if it’s optional.

But all is not lost! There are many ways to ensure a successful event.

Here are our top tips so you can guarantee a good turnout at your next virtual or in-person event.

Highlight safety protocols

If you want your event to be a success, it is paramount that you make your attendees feel safe. For one, you should actively communicate the steps you’re taking to ensure that your live event is COVID-safe.

In addition, you should also be flexible when it comes to tweaking your COVID-19 safety protocols. Restrictions and guidelines around the pandemic are constantly changing, so make sure you let your attendees know that you’re on top of the latest regulations.

You can inform your attendees of your event’s safety protocols and screening procedures by updating your social media channels or sending out emails and putting up event posters.

Hire an event planner

An event planner can make all the difference in helping your live event succeed, especially during these precarious times.

Many people are still apprehensive about in-person events. However, an event planner can advise the best solutions, from the latest event technology to making your experience more unique.

Yaymaker’s event planners are committed to making your event both safe and memorable—whether that’s virtually or in person. If you frequently run events, they’ll even help you create an events calendar, so your attendees always have something to look forward to.

The great thing is that everything you need is all in one place! From entertainment and celebrity guests to snack boxes and more, your dedicated account manager is there to assist in every aspect.

Additionally, you’ll have access to our extensive network of hosts who are experts at keeping audiences engaged and getting them laughing and interacting.

Plan a virtual event

Colleagues at a virtual team building event

You could have all the safety protocols and health measures in the world; however, many people would still not feel comfortable with an in-person event. Because of this, you may not achieve your desired event turnout.

To encourage better attendance, why not consider a virtual or a hybrid event? Not only are they great safety-wise, but also for groups who are spaced out geographically.

These events are just as fun as in-person, thanks to various add-ons and tech tools that allow you to seamlessly connect with one another.

Enhance your virtual event

Yaymaker offers a selection of enhancements that you can add to any event to make your event even more appealing. We’ve got snack baskets, alcoholic add-ons, custom swag, and much more—all of which shall be sent individually to each guest.

Use event tools

There are various event tools and technologies to help attract more attendees to your live event. There’s also a whole host of innovative mobile event apps. When you use these apps, your attendees can find out more about your event, the activities, access essential documents, and ask your team any questions.

Other tools that you can use include engagement technologies such as augmented reality experiences, photo booths, interactive screens, and tools like installations and projections. By using event tools, you can entice more attendees and make them feel valued and welcome.

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Article by Jacky Rose

Exclusively for YAYMAKER