Back in October, teamed up with 1800Flowers to challenge you to flex those creative muscles to create an original floral masterpiece to join our library. The response we got was fantastic, with 300 unique and impressive entries to choose from. We thank everyone who took the time to submit their creations.

But now, the time has come to announce our winner, as chosen by a public vote.

And the Winner Is …

Barb Whitman! Barb's Sunbeam Over Sunflower captured the eyes and hearts of the public to beat out nearly 300 other entries and take home the grand prize.

Barb will enjoy a box of goodies valued at $150 from 1-800Flowers and four free Passes. She will also get to see her hard work displayed in our library of paintings for hosts to use worldwide.

We are proud to support local artists through our Project Share Program. As such, Barb will also receive a monetary commission every time her painting is used at a Paint Nite event or sip and paint party.

Sunbeam Over Sunflower

Barb's painting offers a new perspective on a simple, everyday beauty that most people tend to overlook. By combining warm and natural hues with such a simple scene, Barb reminds us of the natural beauty that surrounds us at all times. This painting seems to radiate warmth.

Additionally, Barb's painting offers just the right combination of fun and beauty for your next paint-and-sip party. Its simple background and color palette make it suitable for painters of all skill levels. Whether you're a newbie or a lifelong painting enthusiast, Barb's painting also encourages you to think about light sources and play with shadows.

Looking at her painting, you may think painting is second nature for Barb. But she says, "I didn't have an inkling that I had any creativity. I learned about, and the step-by-step process gave me confidence. Being able to paint alongside others and having a real person to guide me has given me the self-confidence to enter this contest."

Dive into a New Project

Help us congratulate Barb by trying your hand at her canvas painting today. To get started painting Barb's winning piece or another original piece of artwork from a local artist, explore in-person classes near you today. If there are no upcoming classes near you, browse our virtual and on-demand events for even more fun Paint Nite ideas that you can do on your own and at your convenience.