4 Ways to Relax and Destress Before the Wedding Dress

Congratulations! You’ve set the date and you’re now in full wedding planner mode. From the small details like decor, color palettes, and invitations to the big details like the dress, venue, and groomsmen attire, you’ve got a lot of planning to conquer in the near future. Here are four tips to help you relax and destress during the middle of the busy wedding hustle and bustle.couple, terrarium, centerpiece



1. Plan a fun group outing

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Grab your bridal party and book a Plant Nite or Paint Nite event! Relax and celebrate the countdown to your big day with your favorite people and favorite drinks while unleashing your creativity. You’ll love being surrounded by your closest friends and sharing in a unique experience that takes your mind off that checklist of to-dos before your big day.


2. Get help with last minute things

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After your group outing, plan to tackle any remaining items on your wedding to-do list but make it fun. Invite your friends to a night in with snacks, drinks, and your favorite bridal-themed movies while you finalize last-minute details. Still need tuxes for the groomsmen? The Black Tux is a great website that makes it easy to rent just what you’re looking for without the hassle of going to a store. You can pick everything out while you bond with your girls at home. Or if you need to finish the centerpieces, you can turn it into a fun project together. No matter what’s left on your list, make it an excuse to have fun while getting the help you need.


3. Don’t overlook the power of a spa day

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Take a day to completely unwind and clear your mind at the spa. From exfoliating facial treatments to a much-needed deep tissue massage, there are many options to help you find the relaxation that you need. Try to book a spa appointment a week before your wedding so you’ll be glowing and looking your absolute best. You can take along your bridal party and make a day out of it or leave the friends behind and enjoy some solo pampering time.


4. Go on a date

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Take your fiancé out on a date night. You’ve both been busy sorting through wedding details and it’s important to be able to set the stressing aside and just catch up with some one-on-one time. Head out to see a lighthearted movie or maybe go to the restaurant you shared your first date at. For the night, make a rule that none of the conversation can be about your wedding and just focus on each other.



Remember to take a few minutes or days to yourself when you’re getting caught up in all the stress of planning. Get enough sleep, surround yourself with the people you love most, and get excited for all of the details you have planned to come together!

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