The benefits of a creative workspace

It’s routine. You wake up, commute to work, sit down, then become immediately consumed by your monotonous workspace. But being at work doesn’t always have to feel like being at work. We’re going to show you how adding a little creative décor to your workspace comes with great benefits for taking on the day.



You’re not the only one at work bothered it. According to research, a large majority of workers say that the design of their workspace has a noticeable effect on their day. And the majority also agree that an ability to make workspaces their own reduces stress, increases creativity, and encourages expression.

Let’s face it: No one’s thrilled to stare at a computer screen all day, only to be relieved by a grey divider when shifting their gaze for a second or two. There’s nothing in your employee handbook that constricts you to working in never-ending dullness. And if there is, here’s your excuse to have that section removed: Employees are happier, healthier, and up to 32% more productive when they control the design and layout of their workspace.

Need more convincing to spruce up your space? A similar study placed a group of workers in bare workspaces and another in “enriched” workspaces (decorated with art and plants). The results showed that the people in the enriched spaces were 17% more productive than those in the bare spaces.

Did someone say art and plants? Decorate your workspace with Paint Nite or Plant Nite creations to turn an awesome nite out into a much-needed confidence boost during your daily grind.





Want to extend these creative benefits to the whole office? Plan a Paint Nite or Plant Nite Corporate Event for you and your co-workers. You’ll have an amazing time getting to know each other over hands-on creative fun—plus, everyone comes away with a one-of-a-kind piece of décor for their workspace!


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