Both painting and wine have been around separately for thousands of years. So why did it take humans so long to combine the two? Paint and sip nights—whether online or in person—are a fantastic way to learn something new and have loads of fun while doing it. What's not to love about this artistic and culinary match made in heaven?

What Is a Paint and Wine Night?

Group of friends painting at a sip and paint party with

A paint and wine night is pretty self-explanatory: you drink some vino and try your hand at painting. Of course, if you don't like wine, you can sip on your favorite libation or non-alcoholic beverage.

You can have your own personal online paint night at home or go out to a local venue with a group of friends to multiply the fun. Paint and sip classes are led by instructors and are great for painters of all skill levels. They'll show you step-by-step how to create a painting while sipping your favorite beverage.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

The idea of painting parties has been around for a while. But the paint and sip experience was perfected in 2012 when Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail teamed up with local bars and venues to bring wine and paint nights to life nationwide.

By eliminating the studio, customers get a better atmosphere and a greater selection of refreshments—all while supporting local businesses.

The Benefits of a Sip and Paint Night

A sip and paint night is a one-of-a-kind event that offers more than just a pretty canvas to hang on your wall.

Paint Nite host demonstrating how to paint an emu

Promises a Fun Night Out

With the wine flowing, lots of laughter is sure to follow. A paint party is a fun and exciting way to spend your evening while also getting a little tipsy.

Provides a Creative Outlet

Most people don't have a way to express themselves creatively in their everyday life. Paint parties offer a creative outlet that many people find relaxing and highly rewarding, and you don't need to be a professional artist to experience the benefits.

Serves as a Bonding Experience

Friends who paint and drink together stay together! A wine and paint night serves as a fantastic bonding experience for friends and families to create lasting memories. Plus, it makes the perfect first date!

How to Get Started with Paint and Wine

Getting started with paint and sip classes is simple when you have on your side. We even have versions for kids!

Girl smiling as she takes part in a kids Paint Nite at home

Finding a Class

Tired of scouring Google for paint places near me? We make it easy to find upcoming sip and paint events near you. Or, if you prefer a quieter and more intimate experience, explore our virtual Paint Nite options.

Virtual Paint Nites are great for couples who want to stay in or people in locations without any upcoming classes.

Private Events

Sip and paint events also make brilliant birthday and bachelorette parties—not to mention corporate team-building events. Our event planners over at Yaymaker do an awesome job organizing these events.

Picking Out a Painting

The best way to pick a painting is to look for a design that speaks to you or piques your interest—all skill levels can participate.

When it comes to choosing what to paint, your options are virtually endless. We have over 35,000 paintings in the Paint Nite catalog, including breathtaking seasonal landscapes, sun-kissed beach scenes, whimsical designs, and many more fun themes.

You can get started by browsing our selection of paintings and exploring in-person classes near you.

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