Everybody loves paint and sip parties, but what if you could bring the fun home and receive professional instruction whenever you feel like it? Our new on-demand events make this a possibility for people nationwide—no matter your location.

What Are On-Demand Events?

On-demand events are pre-recorded, professionally-led classes that you can rent out for a specific period of time. These expert tutorials walk you through creating a painting or craft from our library at home.

On-Demand Events vs. Virtual Events

On-demand and virtual events are similar in that they are both alternatives to in-person classes, but they do differ significantly.

Virtual events occur in real-time, online, and have an interactive component that on-demand events lack. You can talk to the host and other participants, get support and ask questions.

On the other hand, on-demand events are just you and are completed whenever you want. You don't have to rush to be ready at a specific time or interact with anybody else.

Person painting at home with Paint Nite
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Benefits of On-Demand Events

At PaintNite.com, on-demand events have several benefits that make them a smash hit.

Move at Your Own Pace

Instead of moving at someone else's speed, on-demand events allow you to pause, slow down, and rewind as many times as necessary, which is especially great for beginners or anyone who likes to take things a bit slow at first.

Flexible Rental Period

When you rent an on-demand event, you have unlimited access to it for seven days. This means you can complete it whenever it's convenient for you. There's no rush to finish it in a single sitting. You can always pause, take a break, and finish your project the following day.


A major advantage of on-demand events is their affordability. Our on-demand events are cheaper than both virtual and in-person classes, so you'll get more bang for your buck when you take this route. All of our on-demand Paint Nites are just $10 (occasionally less), whereas virtual and in-person classes start at $15 and go up from there.

Support Local Artists

When you purchase or rent events on-demand, you're helping the artist that created the design and tutorial. A majority of the event price you pay goes directly to the event owner.

Types of On-Demand Events

We offer a variety of on-demand creative events for every age group, including:

Whether you're hosting your own paint party or going solo, we have over 200 unique painting classes to choose from. They span every theme, from Halloween and Christmas to nature, animals, and the galaxy.

On-demand creative events with PaintNite.com

Who Are On-Demand Events Right for?

On-demand events are ideal for anyone who wants to have fun at home. Whether you're throwing a sip and paint party for you and your girls or want to unwind with a little "me time," on-demand events are a great way to spend an evening.

Additionally, these events are great for anyone who can't make it to our regularly scheduled events in person or virtually.

Browse our selection of on-demand events today to find one that suits you.