We're excited to announce that Yaymaker is returning to its roots by bringing back PaintNite.com! But Yaymaker hasn’t left completely—it is now home to our corporate team-building events.

We’re sure you have a bunch of questions, which is why we’re here today. But before we go too deep, we first want to assure you that you’ll still find all the experiences, hosts and venues you love.

With that being said, let’s jump right in. Starting with the basics…

PaintNite.com vs. Yaymaker

PaintNite.com: Public Events

PaintNite.com is likely the site you’ll need most and where you’ll find your local in-person calendar, virtual events, Event Owners and nearby venues.

It’s for after-work revelry, girls' night shenanigans, date nights…you name it! It’s also where you can plan private events, such as bachelorette parties and birthday parties.

The vibe is super chilled, and it’s more about getting out and having fun with your buds than becoming the next Van Gogh.

Group of girls cheer-sing at a Paint Nite event at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Yaymaker: Corporate Events

Corporate events now have a place to call their own! With Yaymaker, you can book team-building activities, inspirational speakers and all the trimmings.

Our concierge services make event planning easier than ever for HR professionals at mid and large-sized businesses. Plus, you can feel secure knowing we are PII compliant and won’t resell, reuse or put your guests' personal data at risk.

Yaymaker offers:

  • Real people—not an AI software
  • 100+ customizable experiences
  • Top vendors
  • The best hosts
  • Add-ons, including celebrity guests
  • Food & drink
  • In-person, virtual & hybrid events
Paint Nite corporate team building event with Yaymaker.

Why the change?

Can we be honest? We just miss the good old days! Paint Nite® is lively and unscripted, whereas Yaymaker is more sensible—perfect for our corporate events.

Now that’s not to say those events aren’t fun—because you can bet your a** they are—but they’re slightly more buttoned-up. We couldn’t say a**, for example. TBH, we shouldn’t really say it here, but now you get the idea!

How will things be different?

You can expect a cheekier vibe for one—almost like a PG-13 Yaymaker—but you won’t lose any of the quality. If anything, your experience will be better as we’re making our website more informative, authentic and user-friendly.

What will happen to Yaymaker Passes, coupons and reschedule codes?

You can still use all your various Yaymaker codes and passes on PaintNite.com. Simply enter the unique code given in your Yaymaker confirmation email at the PaintNite.com checkout.

New here? Wondering what a Paint Nite® event is?

First of all, welcome!

We’re home to the original Paint Nite®, a sip and paint experience in a league of its own. Unlike other wine and paint parties, we host events with local restaurants and bars—not inside an art studio.

If you’re unfamiliar with paint and sip events, they are guided painting classes that take you step-by-step through a design. You don't need any art experience (we promise), and you'll have your very own masterpiece to take home by the end of the night.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We also have many other creative experiences, such as chunky blankets and candle making.

Girl smiling at a sip and paint event with PaintNite.com

What makes us different from other painting events?

More options

We have more than 36,000 original art pieces in our library (yes, you read that right)! So whatever your mood, you can bet we have something for you.

We also have more food and drink options and a better atmosphere because we’re in restaurants and bars. Plus, the venue supplies a dedicated server, so you never have to miss a beat.

Project Share Program

All of the projects you see on our website are originals from our artists. Our Project Share Program gives them a commission whenever an event picks their work.

Not a franchise

We have a unique revenue share model. Our Event Owners have full control over their events and never pay franchise fees.

Their earnings come directly from their ticket sales. They keep the majority, and the rest goes towards running the platform and marketing their events.

Booking private events

You can book private events directly with local artists through their Event Owner page. But, if you're unsure who to go to, our Yaymaker team will happily connect you with someone for your special event.

How about sip and paint for kids?

Our all-age events aren’t going anywhere, so you still have a creative option for your family outings. And don’t worry, we tone things down and keep the drinks on the soft side!

Mother and son smiling and holding up their finished Plant Nite terrariums.

We can't wait to share all that's to come!

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