As a parent, you know how challenging it can be to keep kids entertained. Instead of sitting around bored or glued to the television on the weekend, why not try a paint party? You may have heard of paint and sip parties for adults, but this kid-friendly version is a great way to entertain and enrich young minds.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about sip and paint parties for kids.

What Is a Paint Party?

Father and child painting at a kids paint and sip with Paint Nite/Yaymaker

A paint party is a casual get-together where everybody learns how to create a specific painting from a professional instructor. Although the class is structured, it's still in a very laid-back environment where creativity and laughter flow freely.

Like the adult version, all skill levels are welcome at a kids' paint and sip event.

What Are the Benefits of a Paint Party for Kids?

Besides giving you a break from entertaining, a kids' paint party comes with several benefits that your youngsters will love, too.

Mother and son at a kids paint party with the original Paint Nite

Provides a Bonding Experience

Painting and art, in general, have a positive impact on children's development, but paint parties provide a social aspect that children thrive on. These casual painting classes are a great opportunity for children to bond with their friends and make new ones while practicing sharing, listening, and communicating.

Helps Children Express Their Creativity

Kids' painting events foster a positive environment for exploring and expressing creativity. The focus isn't on being perfect or creating a masterpiece; instead, the focus is on having fun and expressing yourself.

It's a Fun and Active Way to Spend an Afternoon

Again, paint parties are just plain fun and beat sitting around at home. They usually have some kind of theme – such as Halloween, the beach, or nature – and are good at engaging your child's brain to learn and explore.

Explore Painting for Kids Near You

At, we are proud to partner with individuals and small businesses across the country to host local paint classes near you. If there are no upcoming events in your area, we also offer a wide selection of virtual and on-demand Paint Nites that you can do from anywhere.

We even have our own art kits, so you can create an art studio at home.

Sisters holding up fished paintings from a family paint night

Plan a Private Paint Nite Party

If you want to host a private paint party for your kids and their friends, our sister company, Yaymaker, can help with that, too. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an academic or sports milestone, or just looking for a fun afternoon, a private Paint Nite through Yaymaker is sure to make the day memorable.

Family Paint Nites: Getting Started

Whether you are interested in attending a local Paint Nite or our private painting parties, you can get started by exploring all of our themes and upcoming events to find the perfect project for your little ones.

Of course, if you have any questions about buying tickets for a kids' painting party or hosting your own, feel free to reach out to your local event owner. You may also find the answers to your questions in this article.

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