We're so thrilled to be back in local venues, sharing our creative events in their intended form! Although we've loved meeting with you virtually, nothing beats the buzz of an in-person event.

Living in a pandemic world, we understand you probably have many questions before attending an event in person. Well, we're here to answer those questions. And if you decide you don't feel comfortable meeting in person yet, that's totally fine. Our interactive virtual events (and corporate events) are here to stay!

Are in-person events safe?

We have done everything we can to ensure our events not only feel safe but genuinely are safe to run. Even after other businesses returned to in-person gatherings, we held off a while longer as returning safely was our highest priority.

What safety measures are in place?

We make sure everything is sanitized and re-sanitized after every single event and always stick to local guidelines. Additionally, we provide everyone with individual supply kits, so you know that no other hands have touched your materials.

What to expect at an in-person event post-covid

Two young women laughing at a Yaymaker Paint Nite.

In-person Yaymaker events are full of energy and excitement—just like our virtual events (if not more!). You can bond with friends and family or meet new friends while sharing a unique creative experience together.

How have in-person events changed since the pandemic?

Believe it or not, they haven't changed much at all. You can still explore restaurants and bars near you and enjoy the added flair our talented Event Owners bring. The only difference is that everything will be thoroughly sanitized, and—depending on local regulations—you may need to wear a mask.

Which in-person experiences are back?

Person mixing paint colors on a paper plate at a Paint Nite

We haven't returned to our full offering quite yet, so most of the events on our calendar are Paint Nites and Plant Nites. We hope to see the return of our other experiences soon.

Will we still receive individual help when needed?

Absolutely! Our hosts and co-hosts have been waiting for the day when they can return to local venues. They're so excited to answer your questions and give you all the help and attention you need.

How many people to a table? Will I be sat with people I don't know?

It depends on the size of the table. Some of the larger tables can still seat anywhere from 4-8 people, but it depends on the venue.

If you're a solo party, you may be sitting near people you don't know—just as long as it doesn't go against local ordinances.

Tips for a safer experience

To ensure your safety further, we suggest arriving early so you can find an area you feel comfortable in. Masks are also recommended, except for when you're eating or drinking. And finally, we recommend regular hand sanitizing and keeping six feet away from other guests.

Do you run hybrid events?

We sure do! We're currently testing hybrid events with our private and corporate clients, but we hope to expand that soon. Our videographer, Mike, and founder, Dan, are helping us perfect how these work.

What's the cancellation policy?

It's very generous. You have the option to go onto our website and reschedule your ticket up to eight hours before your event. However, if you have an emergency, we suggest reaching out to your event host.

I have an old Yaymaker Pass from before the pandemic—can I still use it?

We've extended the expiration date for any passes that should have expired during lockdown to the end of 2021—giving you plenty of time to find and enjoy an event.

Why you should try an in-person Yaymaker event

We all need a little joy right now, and there's no place better than our one-of-a-kind creative experiences. Seriously. Creativity does wonders for your mental wellbeing!

Plus, these events are perfect for catching up with the friends, family, and coworkers you've missed during lockdown while also supporting local businesses.

Ready to find an in-person event near you? Explore your local calendar now!