If you've been to any of our paint and sip parties or Yaymaker events, you'll know what gives them the edge: the Event Owners. Aka, your host!

Sure, you may initially book an event for the cool project, but it's the Event Owners that stick in your mind and keep you coming back for more.

Not only do they have winning personalities, but they're also the ones who come up with those cool projects, plan events, and act as the voice between you and Yaymaker HQ.

And so, we thought it was about time we shone a spotlight on these talented individuals that make Yaymaker what it is.

We're starting with a real good one: Glen Sergy, the legend behind Yaymaker-powered Paint On.

So Glen, what made you join the Yaymaker platform?

Well, I've always been an artist—I've always painted. I'm one of those artists who keeps jumping from one medium to another. I sculpt, I've done graphic design, and when I joined [Yaymaker], I was a stay-at-home dad.

When the kids started going back into school, I had more time, and that question of "What do I want to be when I grow up" kept popping up.

I did a Paint Nite at a bar with some friends, and that was when I realized I could do this! So I started looking into it, and that was the trigger moment right there.

How have you grown during your time here?

Virtual Paint Nite with Glen Sergy

It's helped me over the past year to socialize like normal—we haven't had a lot of that. So it's been good in terms of mental health. It's been great to meet people from all over, talk, and hang out.

But I think the biggest thing is that I can see growth as an artist—that's got everything to do with the platform, what we do here, and the demands from guests.

What impact has Yaymaker had on you?

Going through art school, you have to be productive just to get through it, and then you graduate.

You're staring at the blank canvas, ball of clay, or the sketchbook, and you think, what do I want to? I think every artist has been there.

Being an event over owner has created a lot of that outside pressure. It's the motivation that comes from the company itself, but the guests as well...

"Can you come up with something like...?"

"Yeah, I'm sure I can come up with something like that."

So I've become more creative, I'm doing more, I'm painting more...and that's great! I think that's the biggest thing for me: I am spending the time in the studio now.

What's your favorite memory from an event?

Paint and sip party with Glen Sergy for Yaymaker

We did a painting, and people are starting to leave the event, and this one lady is still painting.

We're just talking back and forth, and maybe about 15 minutes later, she's still painting. So I ask her, "What are you working on?" She turns it around and says, "What was step number two?" She had started over.

I said, "Well, step number two is this," and we got to talking, and we did the whole thing from start to finish again. So we did another two-hour private event.

Of course, I knew I could have said, "Well, I've got to go," but I really felt like she needed that time as well. So she had an amazing time and I had a great time as well.

Eventually, my wife came and sat down, and the three of us started talking. So it turned from a class to just hanging out with friends.

See what Glen's guests have to say…

We love having Glen on our platform, but most importantly, his guests do too!

This was my fourth event with Glen. Love, love, love his stuff. This event also featured his wife as a mixologist, and she was amazing too! <3
Glen is the best! He is very friendly and engaging. He breaks down complicated paintings into simple to follow steps that result in fantastic paintings every time.
Fun and lots of positive energy. Glen was great—added some corny jokes. He gave very useful instruction that improved my painting. I always look forward to Paint Nites with Glen.
Glen always does an amazing job. He is talented, friendly, and patient. He always wants you to love your painting and does whatever he can to make that happen.

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If you would like to check out Glen's Paint Nites, you can find him in and around Edmonton, AB, or you can try his virtual paint parties and paint and sip at home.