You came, you asked, and we're here to answer those burning questions. OK, "burning" may be a stretch, but we're gonna answer your FAQs.
Let's get straight to it!

What is a paint and sip party?

Two girls laughing at a paint and sip party with Paint Night

A paint and sip party is exactly as it sounds: a party, where you paint and drink! Traditionally guests sip wine, but you can sip anything you like.

Why alcohol, you ask? Well, it makes everything more fun, right? And the old liquid courage goes a long way when trying something new. That being said, plenty of guests choose not to drink and still have a great time.

These events are high-energy, professionally-led, and lots of fun. Most of all, they're accessible to all, as the host takes you through the design one step at a time.

Between you and us, it's not really about the painting—it's about getting out, trying something new, and having a laugh.

What makes unique?

Local bar hosting a Paint Nite paint and sip event

Unlike other paint parties with their own studios, we collaborate with local venues. This means your event could be in a bar, restaurant, or community venue near you.

It's a win-win situation. Our Event Owners (hosts) get a cool place to set up, and the venue gets extra business on their quieter days. Plus, you have endless food and drink options across the different locations.

Another really cool thing about is our Paint Share Program. All the designs you see on our calendar are original pieces submitted by Event Owners. Whenever another host uses a project, the original creator gets royalties.

Why pay for a virtual/streamed event when I can watch YouTube?
We know Bob Ross is America's sweetheart, but he isn't going to interact with you or answer questions. Plus, our Event Owners really know how to get the party started!

Who are paint and sip parties good for?

Couple laughing together at a wine and paint party

It will come as no surprise that we're going to say everyone! But only because you don't need to be "creative" to have fun. The scenarios we see most are:

The interesting thing about in-person and virtual events is they attract different crowds. For example, many people come to virtual parties alone to help overcome stress and anxiety.

At the end of the day, these events are about the experience, letting go, and having a laugh. Not learning to become the next Van Gogh!

Who created paint and sip parties?

Dan Hermann, founder of Paint Nite, the original paint and sip party

That would be our founder, Dan Hermann, and co-founder Sean McGrail! Dan previously owned a laundromat business and started Paint Nite after a surprise birthday celebration gave him the inspiration.

Although organized painting and drinking nights were already a thing, these guys were the first to work with local venues and make it a PARTY!

What to expect at a event (in-person)?

Group of women at a sip and paint bachelorette party

Length of time
The average event runs for about two hours—although guests are always welcome to stay longer, depending on the venue's opening hours. We often hear of attendees hitting it off with their host and hanging out after the event.

When to arrive
We recommend arriving thirty minutes early. This way, you can find a seat, get comfortable, and order food and drinks.

The event
Your host will get everyone feeling relaxed, then you'll jump right in! You'll go through the painting in bitesize pieces, so it's easy to follow along. Our hosts have a knack for making each step look and feel super easy.

One more thing: The party will have its own dedicated server, so you don't have to leave the event to make food/drink orders.

The vibe
Laidback and fun with a hint of silliness! Honestly, everyone is just looking for a good time.

How do you sip and paint at home?

Male artist running a virtual Paint Nite event

If you want a paint and sip party at home, it's pretty easy. For starters, our online store offers complete paint kits and premium kits, which include tickets. provides two home options: virtual Paint Nites and streamed events. Virtual events are live and interactive, whereas streamed events are pre-recorded.

Virtual and streamed events each have their perks. Virtual events are more social, but streamed events allow you to pause/rewind and are on hand for 30 days, meaning you can go at your own pace.

What do you need for a sip and paint party?

Paint Nite paint kit to paint and sip at home

In-person event
All you need for an event in person is to bring yourself—your host will provide all the supplies. Although you will be given an apron, we recommend wearing something that won't break your heart if it gets a splash of paint.

What kind of paint does Paint Nite use? - Acrylic paint
What size canvas does Paint Nite use? - 16"x 20"

Virtual/streamed event
We've already touched on our at-home paint night kits, but if you'd prefer to source your own supplies, you will need:

  • Canvas (we'll be using a 16x20, but use whatever works for you!)
  • Acrylic paints: Blue, yellow, black, red, and white (feel free to use your own unique colors)
  • Paintbrushes: Large, medium, small, and preferably a flat brush
  • Paint palette (a paper plate, recycled cardboard, or plastic work)
  • Cup of water in something you can wash/dispose of at the end
  • Protective apron or old t-shirt to keep your outfit fresh
  • A space to paint and something to protect the area

How much does a paint and sip event cost?

The average in-person Paint Nite ticket is $35, but ultimately, the Event Owner decides.

Virtual sip and paint tickets start at $15 (the host sets the price) and streamed Paint Nites are $10.

How do I plan a private paint and sip party?

Glad you asked! We have a dedicated team to make private event planning easy and stress-free. Paint Nite is just one of the 100+ experiences we offer. We also have enhancements you can add, including customizations.

How do I teach sip and paint?

Kate Griggs, Event Owner (host) at Paint Nite and Yaymaker

Paint Nite artists aren't only event hosts—they own the events, which is how they got the name Event Owner (basically, you will be your own boss).

We are always excited to welcome new Event Owners so more people can experience these nights out. And we have a whole page where you can learn about it and reach out to our dedicated team.

As mentioned earlier, you can submit your own paintings to the platform and make royalties when other hosts use your design. Previous Event Owners have made upwards of $30k in a year through our Paint Share Program!

And although you are the boss of your events, help is always on hand when you need it. We have a variety of channels, from a support email to Slack groups and monthly webinars. Plus, you'll have an experienced Regional Mentor who works in the field!

Have more questions? Head to our helpdesk.