There are countless reasons to want to stay home on Valentine's Day—it's more relaxed, more private, you don't have to make reservations weeks in advance…

Plus, a successful home date night is easy—all you need is food, drink, and something to do. And just because it's more chill doesn't mean it's any less fun.

Let us tell you about our good friend, the virtual Paint Nite, and how to set up the perfect date. Chances are you've seen recommendations around for paint and sip nights—they're practically in every Valentine's Day guide (and with good reason too).

Perks of a Paint Nite At Home

There are many! First of all, you can be more intimate and avoid the crowds, and second, you can do it on a budget. See, not only can you get cheaper wine and snacks, but the tickets are cheaper too (talk about a turn-on).

Yaymaker Paint Nite host with two canvases for couple's paint and sip

Why Paint Nite and Not YouTube?

Listen, YouTube is great and all, but it's not an experience…you know? You go to YouTube to learn how to fix your kitchen sink or how to perfect your eyeliner technique, but a paint and sip party? Well, YouTube ain't a party.

With Yaymaker's live virtual Paint Nites, you can banter with the host and the other guests. Plus, you can ask questions if you need a little extra guidance (or keep your camera/audio off if you want privacy!).

How Do You Set Up for a Paint Nite Date?

All you need is a device to watch the event on, a flat surface, and something to protect it.

We'll be hooking up over Zoom, so you'll want to check that it's set and ready to go. Then, on the day itself, hit the link in your email, and we'll be off!

Virtual Paint Nite host on an iPad, running a Valentine's event.

During the Event

If you're looking to learn some serious art skills, you're in the wrong place, my friend. Sure, you'll learn to do an awesome painting, but we're more in the fun business.

Your host will take you step-by-step through the whole design and welcome any questions. They have a special je ne sais quoi for making the process feel super easy. You'll be surprised by what you can achieve (and yes, we're talking to you, too, people who "can't" paint).

Like we say, it's up to you whether you want your camera on or not, but we encourage you to do it—our hosts are a sociable bunch and love to chat.

Cute couple doing a virtual paint night at home for Valentine's Day

After The Event

You'll finish with something great. Maybe that's a painting, memories, or (hopefully) both! Listen, it's more about the experience anyway. What you do with your artwork is totally your decision. We won't pressure you to hang it.

Once your event is over, you'll feel loosened up and high on dopamines, so you could go on to do a whole number of things. You could carry on drinking, play games...(we've gotta keep this PG so we won't detail the rest!)

Male couple drinking champagne after a Valentine's virtual Paint Nite

What Do I Need for a Painting Date?

Feel free to add your own fun twists, but we'll be using:

  • Canvas (ours are 16x20)
  • Acrylic paints: Blue, yellow, black, red, and white
  • Paintbrushes: Large, medium, small, and preferably a flat brush
  • Paint palette (a paper plate, recycled cardboard, or plastic work)
  • Cup of water in something you can wash/dispose of at the end
  • Protective apron or old t-shirt to keep your favorite outfits fresh

Couples Paint Nite Kit

Our shop provides a complete sip and paint kit so you can get everything you need (including an apron) in one swift order—we even have an option that includes two Gift Passes. The only thing to add is a cup of water.

Paint night kit for an at-home paint and sip party

Drinks and Snacks for Your Paint Date

You can stick with the classic wine and paint or go for a martini—whatever it is, just make sure it stands apart from your paint water cup (you'll thank us later).

Food-wise, we recommend "picky bits" that don't require silverware—things like potato chips, veg and hummus, or bowls of candy. Or, if you want to spice things up, add some aphrodisiacs!

To avoid any embarrassing mishaps, you may want to...

  • Avoid smelly foods (sorry, garlic)
  • Don't mix your alcohol (throwing up is not a good look)
  • Skip soda if it makes you gassy

Or maybe these are things that get you and your partner going—no judgment!

Special Touches for a Romantic Paint Night at Home

Another great thing about having a sip and paint date night at home is that you can make your environment cozier and more sensual. So bring out the candles, find a  Valentine's playlist, and sprinkle some rose petals.

Bonus: The bedroom is right there when you need it!

Find your virtual Paint Nite for Valentine's Day.