Who’s ready to get out and paint the town red with romance? Date nights are back, and we are HERE for it!

We know there have been some awesome at-home date night ideas (apparently Yaymaker’s virtual events are pretty cool, wink wink). Still, nothing compares to an adventure out of the house—especially if we have anything to do with it!

Paint Nite is literally the perfect date for couples—both longstanding and new. We know you’ll think we’re biased, but hear us out…

The best dates involve adventure

Whether you’re going on your first date or fifty-first, there’s no better way to send sparks flying than with an experience that pushes you both outside your comfort zone. For example, a couples’ paint and sip night!

And if you have a hidden artistic talent, it’s the perfect time to impress your date.

Breathe life into your relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day and forget to dedicate time to each other. And when you do...well, take-out is just so convenient, right?

Sure, staying in does have its attractions. But getting out of the house will provide an escape, brighten your mood, bring you closer, and create special memories for you to look back on together.

Couples paint night with Yaymaker

No more awkward silences

First dates don’t always roll easily. But, when you go on a painting date night, there’s a little less eye contact, and conversation starters handed to you on a...canvas! All of which makes the evening feel more relaxed.

No phones

It’s not to say we don’t allow phones, but it’s pretty tricky to paint, sip, AND text at the same time! Less phone time equals more meaningful conversations and enjoying the moment.

Of course, the odd photo break is a must. You know what they say, if you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen!

Couple laughing at a Paint Nite paint date

You have a permanent memento

The great thing about Paint Nite is that it achieves multiple things at once. It provides unique entertainment, creates special memories, gives you lots of laughs, and leaves you with something physical reminder of your night.

Whether you want to hang your painting loud and proud in your entryway or down in your basement, all your memories will come flooding back each and every time you see it.

Pick your painting!

Now that we’ve, hopefully, sold you on Paint Nite being the perfect date night, head to your local events calendar to see couples paint night ideas near you!

Couple at a Yaymaker paint n sip party