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Paint Nite invites you to break away from your typical night out with the perfect cocktail of creativity and conversation.

Guests spend two hours creating a one-of-a-kind painting and laughing with friends at a popular local bar.

We're a community

We’re not a typical paint and sip company. Paint Nite is a global community of Creative Entrepreneurs and Local Artists sharing their passion, bar and restaurant owners connecting with their community, and creative-minded employees who love what they do.

Put down your phone and pick up a paintbrush

Socializing shouldn’t involve a screen. Instead, get your paint on while you connect face-to-face with your friends.

No experience necessary

You don’t have to be artistic to get creative. Mix it up and mess it up. At Paint Nite, fun is the only requirement.

Local is our favorite word

We’re reinventing what it means to be a global company. We’re at local bars with local artists leading the party in your neighborhood—and everyone else’s. We’ve created a worldwide creative movement in localized areas across the country and beyond.

In the history books

In 2012, founders Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail launched Paint Nite. Inspired by a party serving beer and wine at a painting studio, they ran with a concept that enables people to get social while unleashing their inner artist. Dan and Sean strive to support local artists and small businesses by providing them with the unique opportunity to run Paint Nite events.

Today, Paint Nite hosts creative social events around the world and the Somerville headquarters has outgrown its original office. From Boston to Johannesburg and London to Buenos Aires, people love to paint and socialize.

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