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Yaymaker Host James A. Fox  located in Beverly, MA

James A. Fox


  • Hosting since November 2013
  • 599 events hosted

James A. Fox was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey, where he was constantly scolded for drawing on the walls in his home. Trying to follow a practical path in life, James graduated Rutgers University with a BA in Communications, but soon realized the corporate world was not a good match for him. No longer denying the desire for artistic conquest, and to get back at his parents, James set off to follow his dreams and paint murals, on peoples walls, the bigger the better. A pivotal point in the beginning of his artistic career was the creation of an original large scale mural for Euphoria cafe in Newark, NJ. After the success of this project he started to hone his skills and expand his art. In the next year James moved to MA North Shore area by chance. He went back to school again, attending Salem State College, to develop his technical skills as an artist and pursue a career in Art Education. During this time James worked at the Salem, MA YMCA teaching kids art. He created a variety of art workshops and painted murals on the YMCA's interior wall space. At the Nathaniel Bowditch School in Salem, James was an artist in residence producing original large scale murals with students that now adorn the school's interior walls. James also pursued personal artistic goals creating murals for businesses, restaurants, and private homes such as Rockafellas in Salem, MA, and The Red Cross. He began to explore and develop a body of work, as a painter, dealing with his love for Jazz and graffiti. He also went on to write and self publish a book about the two subjects, entitled "Between Brick and Canvas".
James has displayed and sold his work in the galleries and coffee houses of Salem,Ma., where his work has been recognized on several occasions by local newspapers. In the last few years James has developed a line of skateboard graphics for Devil Street Decks, which were featured in the Boston Globe in 2011. He will be completing his Masters in Art Education in 2014 and no longer harbors animosity towards his late loving parents' remediation of his early childhood activities. James has recently hooked up with Paint Nite to teach events and his work can be seen on his personal website at: www.jamesafox.com.