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Yaymaker Host Jennifer Hodgkins located in Dexter, MI

Jennifer Hodgkins


  • Hosting since May 2014
  • 206 events hosted

I am originally from Massachusetts.  My husband and I moved here September 2005.  Moving here was quite the little adventure...discovering all the differences between the east cost and mid west, and I'm still picking up a few new things every now and again.

Although I haven't taken any formal classes on art or painting, art has always been involved in my life, my mother and grandmother made sure of that.  My grandmother owned a ceramic shop and taught classes regularly.  My sisters and I were part of them often.  She had so many ceramic pieces that years after she sold her business we still have many ceramic figures to paint!

Currently I am a senior Esthetician (16 years) and a Nail Technician (4 years) with Whit's End Studio in Dexter, Mi and I use my nickname, Jaycee..  It is within this industry I can express my creativity through make-up and polish designing for my clients.  I am very passionate about meeting my clients expectations of their services and more.  It is because of them that my creativity has been sparked and I am driven to do more with it    I have taken a few classes on cake decorating and now run a small cake & cupcake business out of my home called "Mama Cakes".  As you can see I have several outlets for creativity and now I can add canvas painting to the many options for myself.  I am always up for a challenge and I look forward to sharing good times, fun memories and great painting with everyone!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/PaintNiteAnnArbor.