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Yaymaker Host Leslie Ford located in Erie, PA

Leslie Ford


  • Hosting since October 2014
  • 212 events hosted

Leslie is an artist, actor, and mother of two lovely ladies living in Erie, PA. Leslie has a BA in Theater from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and spent ten years teaching acting and art to at-risk youth while living in Salt Lake City, UT. Her main passion is painting, wherein she loves to experiment with texture and dimension through layering. Leslie believes that art is in the eye of the beholder, and what makes a painting “good” or pleasing to look at is the emotional expression that went into creating it. Understanding that every person needs an outlet in order to be balanced and find happiness, Leslie encourages all her students to find their own means of expression – be it art, music, dance, or some type of “sportsball.”

When not painting or performing in plays, Leslie runs a comedy troupe called the International Goofball League (or IGL, because it rhymes with “giggle”), and devotes her time to bringing smiles to people’s faces through what she calls “generalized public goofballery.”